Home Entertainment

Pioneer is made up of intensely dedicated people. These category specialists are brought together by one shared passion: creating quality electronics that deliver the very best in entertainment. Not refrigerators or cell phones—just high-quality products that bring a new dimension of sound, vision and soul to your home. 

Pioneer engineers don't just make a TV. They brainstorm, they argue, they collaborate, and they break down every roadblock until they have engineered a high-definition plasma panel that they, themselves, would actually be proud to own. 

And then they go back to the drawing board, and make it better.

Why is all of this important to you? Because when you bring a Pioneer product into your home—whether it's a high-definition plasma, DVD player, A/V receiver, or speakers—you can be sure that the people who made it care as much about a great entertainment experience as you do. Maybe even more.

Our commitment to quality is evident throughout our manufacturing process. We have five production lines in three cities worldwide, and hold numerous patents. Our commitment to innovation shows in the substantial R&D engineering resources we have dedicated to being the world leader in new plasma display technology.



New 50'' High-Definition KURO Flat Panel Television
Learn More $3,100.00

New 42'' High-Definition KURO Flat Panel Television
Learn More $1990.00