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DIRECTV has launched the next generation of the TV watching experience with DIRECTV Plus® DVR and introduced their interactive network providing primetime programming available on demand. Need to know how to use the DIRECTV Plus DVR System? See the Quick User Guide (pdf)

What is a DIRECTV Plus DVR?

This new product is an interactive DVR that is being touted as the most advanced Digital Video Recorder available on the market today. There are so many features on the DIRECTV Plus DVR, including: 100 hours of recording capacity, interactive TV enabled*, one-touch search and digital recording and “Bookmarks” which enable viewers to mark and go directly to favorite scenes in recorded programs. See DIRECTV Plus DVR’s full feature list.

Don’t Miss Your Favorite Shows

With the touch of a button, you can record every episode of your favorite shows. It’s so easy, simply select the show that you want to TiVo and DIRECTV Plus DVR will do the rest! Your shows will then be stored and accessible anytime that you want to watch them, plus, if your favorite show changes time or day, the DVR will update your settings automatically. You even have the choice to skip all reruns of your show and only record first run episodes or you can record and watch them all.

You are in Complete Control

DIRECTV Plus DVR gives you total reign of your television, you can do anything you want, anytime:
  • Pause, Rewind and even use slow motion for instant replays
  • Fast-forward through commercials, pause and rewind through your recorded shows
  • Record 2 shows at one time* and watch a third show

Find, Record and View Quickly and Easily

Simply surf the easy-to-use on-screen guide or search by your favorite shows title, an actor, keyword or channel. With DIRECTV Plus DVR, you can schedule recordings up to 14 days in advance!

Low Monthly Fee

You and your family can get all the benefits of DIRECTV Plus DVR service, including every DVR in your home, for a low monthly fee of $5.99. Just think of how much less that it then taking your family out to the movies.

Plus right now if you subscribe to The DIRECTV PLUS Package or above, then the monthly fee is included, no matter how many DVRs you have!

New residential customers only. Programming commitment required. *For full functionality, DVR requires connection of two (2) satellite inputs from a dual LNB DIRECTV System antenna, and connection to a land-based phone line. **Actual recording capacity depends on type of programming being recorded. † Limit two DIRECTV Plus DVRs per order from DIRECTV per account/household each six months. Only one receiver per household qualifies for instant online rebate.




                                       DIRECTV is sometimes referred to as Direct TV, Directtv, Satellite TV, Satelite Television, Direc TV, DTV, or Dish TV.
                                       In the context of this site, these terms and others such as satallite dish, satelite digital cable tb, and Directv sattelite dish refer to DIRECTV.