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DIRECTV Satellite TV: National Sales Center


Installation: Free in up to 4 rooms

You can have DIRECTV service in 1, 2, 3, and up to 4 rooms of your home...all with FREE standard installation. Your first receiver is free and you pay a lease fee of only $4.99/month for the second and each additional receiver.

If you want to record, pause and rewind live TV, then you'll want a DIRECTV DVR. To add this feature in any of your rooms, the DIRECTV DVR lease upgrade will cost only $99 per receiver. For a limited time, however, you will get an instant online rebate of $99 when you order a direct tv DVR. That’s FREE after rebate!

Programming Costs

Monthly programming costs are determined by the DIRECTV programming package that you select:


All programming prices are determined by DIRECTV, and do not vary by retailer or method of purchase.

To receive the incredible value of DIRECTV, you will need the following items and lucky for you, they’re FREE!

Standard Equipment FREE!
HD or DVR Upgrade FREE!*
Handling and Delivery Fee FREE!
Standard Professional Installation FREE!

Offers end 03/03/09 and are based on approved credit; credit card required. Credit card not required in MA & PA. New customers only (lease required). Must maintain programming, DVR service and/or HD Access. Lease fee $4.99/mo. for second and each additional receiver. Upon DIRECTV System activation, customer will receive redemption instructions (included in customer’s first DIRECTV bill, a separate mailing, or, in the state of New York, from retailer) and must comply with the terms of the instructions. In order to receive the full $23 ($15 for BÁSICO, $20 for FAMILIAR ÚLTRA and LO MAXIMO) bill credit customer must enroll in DIRECTV Auto Bill Pay prior to offer redemption. A valid email address is required. Rebate begins 6-8 weeks after receipt of rebate online or by telephone. Timing and duration of promotional price depends on redemption date.CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS>>)



                                       DIRECTV is sometimes referred to as Direct TV, Directtv, Satellite TV, Satelite Television, Direc TV, DTV, or Dish TV.
                                       In the context of this site, these terms and others such as satallite dish, satelite digital cable tb, and Directv sattelite dish refer to DIRECTV.